I don’t like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions for a number of reasons, but mainly because stats on New Year’s Resolutions are abysmal.


You know the drill, the gym is packed on January 2 but by the middle of March, it’s a ghost town. The simple reason for this is because everyone thinks a resolution is all or nothing. That mentality rarely gets you all. It usually gets you nothing.


One-size-fits-all training programs, diets, detoxes and juice cleanses aren’t meant to accommodate real life situations that can get in your way. You won’t be totally in control all of the time. Your life is messy. It’s complicated. It’s unpredictable.


When you learn to accept that you can push yourself to grow.


So instead, I set goals. As an entrepreneur, goal setting is especially important. I have yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.


I take this same approach in all aspects of my life as well. So with the start of a new year, I sit down and I plan my goals for the year, which I continue to break down to their most basic (attainable) level. I make THREE goals for my personal life, my health, my finances, my business and for my fitness endeavours.

Here are the goals I have for 2017:



    • I have been biting my nails since I was one. It is a very difficult habit to break, and one I have been working on for a while. I know what I need to do to help myself stop, so this year there will be a much bigger focus on putting an end to this nasty habit of mine.
  2. Pay off debt
    • Starting your own business costs money, especially when you jump in with both feet and quit your job. It’s not a side hustle for me. Which means 2016 was a year of more spending than earning. Now it’s time to pay off that debt so I can accomplish my next goal.
  3. Buy a house



  1. Stop accepting food that negatively affects my body just for the sake of being polite.
    • We eat a very specific way at home, but whenever we visit other people I throw that out the window in order to be polite and I eat a lot of food that doesn’t serve me and leaves me feeling very unwell. It’s time to honour myself and put my needs ahead of others.
  2. Go through an elimination style diet to get to the bottom of some digestive upset and skin problems I have.
    • This will involve completely cutting out dairy and gluten for a few months before the re-introduction period. I will then keep all pasteurized dairy out of my diet going forward. I will still consume unpasteurized cheese, especially from sheep or goat on a minimal basis if it agrees with me after the elimination diet.
  3. Stretch and work on my mobility regularly.
    • After dealing with Post-Concussion Syndrome all of 2016, I spent a LOT of time sitting and not moving. My body is sore. Joints are not moving the way they used to. I should have kept up with my stretching and mobility work while I was injured, and because I didn’t, I am paying for it now.


  1. Complete the Spartan Ultra Beast.
    • April 29 in New Jersey! This will be my second attempt of the Ultra Beast. I tried to do the Ultra Beast at Owl’s Head in 2016 with no training at all, when I was still not cleared to run. So I had to walk it. I didn’t make the time cut-off for the first lap.
  2. Qualify for OCRWC.
    • This is extremely important to me, since I qualified in 2016 without even trying.
  3. Keep my band at OCRWC
    • I almost did it in 2016. After spending 2 hours at the mini rig, I finally got through it with my band. But the effort I spent on the mini rig destroyed the rest of the strength I had left, and I ended up giving up my band on the Stairway to Heaven a short while later.


I’d love to hear what your goals are for 2017! If you need any help coming up with your goals, and how to break them down into attainable pieces, please let me know!!

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