Considering I am sitting down to write this at 10:30 pm, I am going to keep this week’s recipe roundup short and simple. Are you a member of my OCR Nutrition Hub on Facebook yet? Every week I share a challenge, a tip, a recipe and a workout. I also do a weekly live Q & A session to answer OCR nutrition questions I am frequently asked.

For over a year now this group has been active, which means I’ve shared over 52 delicious recipes with OCR Nutrition Hub members. The recipes get posted every Wednesday. The awesome thing about Facebook groups is the search feature. So if you type “recipe” in the search box, most of them will come up for you. You could even search a key ingredient like “chicken” or “avocado” and any recipe that uses that ingredient will show up.

Here is a list of some of my favourite recipes that I have shared in the OCR Nutrition Hub so far, in no particular order:


I’d love it if you’d join our growing tribe of OCR athletes and spread the word with any of your racing buddies that are also looking for OCR nutrition advice.

You can join the OCR Nutrition Hub here. Once you’re in, please introduce yourself and engage with the posts and other members. I’m all about growing a community. And of course, ask your OCR nutrition questions so they can be featured in the weekly live Q & A.

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