I’m Melissa Boufounos, the Obstacle Course Racing, (former) hockey playing, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, and I coach OCR athletes to optimize their performance and improve their race times by making sure they are nourished on a cellular level so they can compete and dominate in the elite heat and OCR World Championships.

I’m talking about the athletes who believe they can eat whatever they want because they’ll “burn it off”. The athletes who rely on meal replacements and supplements to feed them. The athletes who are nursing chronic injuries or pain. The athletes who are always getting sick, even in the middle of summer, and can’t figure out why. The athletes who just can’t seem to perform the way they want to. The athletes who are trying to follow strict diet plans, or are counting calories on a regular basis trying to lean out and build muscle mass and are frustrated with the results.

So if this athlete is YOU, I want you to know…I’ve got you!

I know you have an inner beast lying inside of you waiting to be unleashed. That you’ve got something to prove, not only to yourself, but to everyone else who ever doubted you. I know that you want to earn your Spartan Coin, or qualification to OCRWC. That you want to finish in the top 10 of your age group, and maybe even in the top 10 or 20 of the elite heat. Maybe you even want to podium at a race!

It’s YOUR time.

If you’ve got the dedication in you to make it happen, then I’m right here right beside you until you cross the finish line.

It’s time to get dirty and DO THIS THING.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

Why Should I Take Her Advice Anyway?

Great question!

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with 4 seasons of Obstacle Course Racing under my belt. I am a 2016 OCR World Championships qualified athlete. Some of my other accomplishments include a top 5 finish in my age group at the Ottawa Spartan Sprint in 2014, a top 20 finish in my age group at the Ottawa Spartan Beast in 2014 and a top 10 finish in the elite heat at Toronto Prison Break in 2015. I’ve also completed two Spartan Trifectas (2014, 2015).

I’ve been an athlete my entire life – I learned to skate the same year I started walking and went from figure skating to ringette to hockey. I played hockey for 17 years, but hung up my skates in 2015 due to Post Concussion Syndrome. In 2011 I was drafted to the Canadian Women’s Hockey League but did not make the final roster of the, now defunct, Burlington Barracudas after injuries kept me from training at the level I needed to. I represented Greece at the 2013 ISBHF World Ball Hockey Championships and was a member of the gold-medal-winning Canadian National Ball Hockey Championships team in 2014.

My Why…

In order for you to get to know the real me and see what I’m really all about, I feel the need to share my own story that has led to my WHY.

Through my passion for health and wellness, I became aware of the connection between the food we eat and its impact on our health, and in the case of athletes, the way we perform.

You see, my health problems started when I was just baby and nearly died of croop. I grew up always being sick – recurring ear infections, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma. You name it, I had it! I was constantly taking antibiotics to the point where they stopped working for me. I also wet the bed until I was six or seven years old.

As I grew older, the joint problems, pains and injuries started piling on. It started with my knees in my early teens that doctors chalked up to growing pains. But it went on for over 10 years. Then it was chest pain that the doctors couldn’t establish a cause for. Then it was throwing out my lower back a handful of times, tennis elbow, torn muscles in my shoulder girdle and way too many concussions to count…I could go on.

It’s almost become an inside joke (though not funny at all) because I literally have THE worst luck ever with injuries. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through one sports season without a sidelining injury. I just missed my first full hockey season ever (2015) due to Post Concussion Syndrome. I may never play again to be honest.

Looking back now, with the knowledge that I have, I can correlate all my childhood ailments to allergies and major inflammation in my body which led to the deterioration of my body and subsequent chronic injuries.

That’s why I decided to focus on sports nutrition, and more specifically, helping other OCR athletes achieve optimal health. By providing nutritional counselling to athletes, I am able to share my knowledge and experience and work with you to find real solutions to your health problems that could be hindering you from achieving your desired appearance and performance goals.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” – Frederick Douglas

What about when she’s not transforming athletes or running her own races?

Websters Falls
End Kids Cancer

First off, I LOVE what I do and I am honoured that you see me as someone to look up toBADASS, approachable, relatable and someone who doesn’t preach anything I wouldn’t be ready to do. 

I give 110% in everything I do and that includes staying on top of the information you need to improve your performance. So I am ALWAYS geeking out researching online, reading books or listening to podcasts (yep, sometimes even while I am working out!).

But, once in a while, I have a pretty sweet non-biz life…

I’m down to Earth, so I love camping with my family, trips to the cottage, hiking and exploring new places.

I’m a tough cookie on the outside but I have a (not-so) secret girly side too! Who doesn’t love getting a mani/pedi? I strongly believe a fresh eyebrow wax can make you go from feeling like a 7 to a 10 instantly!

I looove to cook! Meal planning, prepping (and eating) is my JAM! Apparently I stand on my tip-toes while I cook.

If you put my iPod on shuffle, you’ll find a hilarious mix of country, ‘screamo’, post-hardcore, metal, ’emocore’, classic rock and pop music. There may, or may not be, some Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and N Sync…hey, I grew up in the 90’s after all.

Last, but not least, I am passionate about giving back and am most proud about participating in the Sears Great Canadian Relay Run to end Kids Cancer for three years. I captained a team for two years, with our Toronto team of seven raising over $7,000 for the 2015 event. In 2013 the Canadian Mudd Queens decided to participate in the Ottawa event. In 2014 we had two teams in the Ottawa event and for 2015 we had a team in each Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary. The Canadian Mudd Queens raised over $70,000 for the Run to End Kids Cancer.

Spartan Sprint Ottawa

Melissa Boufounos Official Bio

Melissa Boufounos is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who coaches OCR athletes to optimize their performance and improve their race times by making sure they are nourished on a cellular level.

Through her passion for health and wellness, Melissa became aware of the connection between the food we eat and its impact on our health, and in the case of athletes, the way they perform.

By providing nutritional counselling to athletes, Melissa is able to share knowledge and personal experience with her clients and works with them to find real solutions to their health concerns that are hindering their performance and appearance goals.

She has competed in over 30 races, including the 2016 OCR World Championships, a top 15 finish in her age group at Battlefrog Toronto in 2016, a top 10 finish for females in the elite heat at Prison Break Toronto in 2015, a top 5 finish in her age group at the Spartan Sprint Ottawa in 2014 and a top 20 finish in her age group at the Spartan Beast Ottawa in 2014. She has also completed two Spartan Trifectas (2014, 2015).

Along with her education in Natural Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Melissa is a Precision Nutrition ProCoach. She has a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Seneca College and a post-graduate diploma in Sports Journalism from Centennial College. She is also CanFitPro certified as a Personal Trainer Specialist.

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