The Competitive Program is designed to take recreational OCR athletes to the next level. This is for any athlete who sets a specific performance goal. This may be as simple as a personal record. You don’t have to win races to be competitive.

The Competitive Program builds upon the nutrition and lifestyle habits learned in the Weekend Warrior Program, for OCR athletes who want to get and sustain a lean-athletic body composition, who want to improve performance and recovery and who want to further optimize health.

This program is for you if you already eat few processed foods, meet basis nutrient needs, rarely drink sugar-sweetened drinks, drink alcohol rarely or moderately, practice eating slowly and mindfully, have regular eating habits and behaviours, can separate food from feelings and can manage training loads appropriately.

This is for you if you desire 10-12% body fat (men) or 20-22% body fat (women) and train 6-10 hours per week.

This 12-week Competitive nutrition and lifestyle program covers:

  • Improving food quality and variety
  • Body type eating
  • Hydration
  • Supplementation
  • General workout nutrition guidelines
  • Targeted workout nutrition templates
  • Carb and calorie cycling
  • Improving recovery protocols
  • Competition day nutrition
  • And more!

Also includes access to members only Facebook group.

You can make 2 x $248.50 payments if you prefer

See what past members have said:

When I first started in the program, I already had pretty good nutrition but what I didn’t realize was how important macronutrient ratios and calories are depending on the type of training/sport and activity level. As an endurance athlete, Melissa suggested switching from my long time low carb diet to a high carb diet plus increasing my calorie consumption. I was a bit hesitant at first but trusted her expertise.

Since the switch I have noticed I don’t “hit the wall” as often in training and racing and I have actually LOST 5lbs! My view on the importance of carbs has completely changes. With the right kind of carbs and eaten at the right time, they can improve performance and body composition. – Laura Skoblenick


I have noticed a difference in my performance, in particular my energy and stamina levels. If you are looking for a Nutritionist, Melissa is the person to reach out to. – Marcia C

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