Jump Start

There are many challenges when signing up for your first (or first few) Obstacle Course Race: knowing that you’re eating to perform optimally shouldn’t be one.

This beginner level program is designed to introduce someone new to OCR into a structured program. Discover simple strategies that you can EASILY add to your lifestyle to get in shape, feel great and get back on track.

This program is for you if you desire 15-20% body fat (men) or 25-30% body fat (women).

  • 4-week Jump Start nutrition plan
  • Delicious recipes for nutrition-packed meals
  • Juice and smoothie recipes
  • Access to private members only Facebook group

See what past members have said:

Melissa is really knowledgeable when it comes to fueling your body for OCR. She gives easy to understand and easy to follow outlines to help you succeed. Great support offered from an approachable trainer. – Sam P


Melissa continues to motivate me to better myself and strive to live a healthier, happier life. It’s not meant to be a quick fix but a long term change in lifestyle and she provides the tools and knowledge to get me there! Thank you and keep on with your amazing blogs! – Karin Noel


Everything was so clear and easy to understand. So much better than things I normally try and follow and then I end up struggling with macros and not quite understanding how much and when. Adding a veggie at breakfast is my new thing. Melissa is truly knowledgeable in her field and very true and honest person. I like her passion, positivity and dedication! I can, without any hesitations, recommend this program to absolutely everyone. – Kathy Bateman


I took Melissa’s 30 day challenge and learned so much! Meal prepping, best snacks to eat, so many great recipes! It was been life changing! She continues to send me tips on training and recipes.. so worth it! – April Thompson Moore

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