Weekend Warrior

The Weekend Warrior program is designed for recreational OCR athletes who are looking to improve general athletic performance and recovery; who want to look and feel better; who want to improve their body composition and have more energy and vitality; and who want to get into regular, more sustainable healthy living habits.

This program is for you if you desire 13-15% body fay (men) or 23-25% body fat (women) and train less than 6 hours per week.

This 12-week Weekend Warrior nutrition and lifestyle program covers:

  • Basic nutrient needs
  • Basic supplementation
  • Hydration and beverage choice
  • Eating habits
  • Recovery
  • Sleep
  • And more!

Plus, get access to a private members only Facebook group

You can make 2 X $173.50 payments if you prefer

See what past members have said:

I got the information that I’ve always needed for how I am supposed to be eating and planning for races. I finally feel like I am prepared for the year and have the knowledge that I need to prepare for my races rather than winging it and hoping for the best. – Tanya Laviolette


Melissa is very knowledgeable and comes from a similar athletic background as me. Working with her has significantly helped my performance and recovery times! – Nico Bidin



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