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Melissa is very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition. I completed her program and I continue applying the principles she has taught me. Since working with her, my performances at OCR races have been amazing with quick recovery between races and training sessions. Most notable are my energy levels and how great I feel. I am a personal trainer and know how important nutrition is, and going through Melissa’s program, has opened up more doors on foods that I was not aware about and nutrients that I thought I was getting enough of, but wasn’t. Nutrition plays a huge role when it comes to your training and performance. If you don’t eat well and get those nutrients in, you will not be able to bring your A game, you may think you’re crushing it, but in reality, your not. My 2015 season was great, but I could have done so much better had I been getting in the right nutrients. So I have been there, and now I am crushing my season so far and I am not slowing down.

Marcia C

“When I first started in the 12-week OCR Peak Performance program, I already had pretty good nutrition but what I didn’t realize was how important macronutrient ratios and calories are depending on the type of training/sport and activity level. As an endurance athlete, you suggested switching from my long time low carb diet to a high carb diet plus increasing my calorie consumption. I was a bit hesitant at first but trusted your expertise.

Since the switch I have noticed I don’t “hit the wall” as often in training and racing and I have actually LOST 5lbs! My view on the importance of carbs has completely changes. With the right kind of carbs and eaten at the right time, they can improve performance and body composition.”

Laura Skoblenick

“Melissa has a special way to make you look at your problem from a different angle and is able to explain why mall changes are important for big results. I can highly recommend her expertise…she directs you onto the correct path so you can reach for your goal.” 

- Yvette G.B.

I got the information that I’ve always needed for how I am supposed to be eating and planning for races. I finally feel like I am prepared for the year and have the knowledge that I need to prepare for my races rather than winging it and hoping for the best.

Tanya Laviolette

“I won my division today at Mud Hero Halifax!!!! I’ve never won my age group category, so I’m super excited. A special thanks to my Nutrition Coach, Melissa Boufounos.”

Ryan Vickery

I’ve only had one consultation with Melissa so far, but the information and knowledge that was presented to me was great. In speaking with her directly, as well as through email, you can really tell that she knows what she’s talking about, rather than just repeating something from a book. Her genuine love and passion for nutrition and health is very apparent, and her willingness to help you along is awesome. I’d recommend Melissa to anyone looking to seek changes in their nutrition.

Sari G.

Melissa has helped me to see food in a different way. This is not a diet but a lifestyle change. I found her plan very easy to follow and I was able to stick to it. She is always available for advice and is a great motivator. Thanks Melissa! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

Julieanne L.

Melissa is a great nutritionist. She is so knowledgeable. I had a few online consultations with her and she helped me a lot. I feel great! what a world of difference. I’m eating more and feeling like I’m losing weight…I have no sugar cravings and I don’t feel bloated anymore. I am having a bowel movement every day. It’s unbelievable honestly! I highly recommend her.
Keri L.

She practices what she preaches and does her due diligence when it comes to her client’s health.

Daniela L.

Melissa is a knowledgeable leader and shares information with real world recommendations.

Jo Kenney

Melissa is really knowledgeable when it comes to fueling your body for OCR. She gives easy to understand and easy to follow outlines to help you succeed. Great support offered from an approachable trainer.

Sam P

Thank you for all your amazing posts. You have been so inspiring to change some of my habits.

Nikki Fritz

As an OCR racer I loved how straightforward and easy it was to understand the information and to implement it into my own routines. Thank you. I feel I’m well armed with a new set of tools in my tool box.

Charity Fick

Melissa continues to motivate me to better myself and strive to live a healthier, happier life. It’s not meant to be a quick fix but a long term change in lifestyle and she provides the tools and knowledge to get me there! Thank you and keep on with your amazing blogs!

Karin Noel

I think Melissa has an amazing program that touches on key components for nutrition and fitness and how they need to work together. Even better I love how realistic she is and is open and honest with her clients.

Tricia Klein

Everything was so clear and easy to understand. So much better than things I normally try and follow and then I end up struggling with macros and not quite understanding how much and when. Adding a veggie at breakfast is my new thing.

Kathy Bateman

Melissa is truly knowledgeable in her field and very true and honest person. I like her passion, positivity and dedication! I can, without any hesitations, recommend this program to absolutely everyone.

Kathy Bateman

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