Last updated on September 22nd, 2020

My success as an online Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Precision Nutrition L2 Coach has received a lot of attention lately. Since I get sent private Facebook messages at least once per week asking me for advice on what software/programs I am using to run my business, I decided to create this page as a resource for other wellness business owners/entrepreneurs.


There are tons of incredible resources available for wellness business entrepreneurs. I have incorporated some of my most-loved business tools and online resources below. For a few of these, I’ll procure a little commission on the off chance that you join, however, I don’t suggest anything I haven’t utilized or gotten a huge amount of quality from, personally.

Web Hosting/Domain: I purchased my domains through Go Daddy and have my hosting through Blue Host. I have a WordPress (dot org) website and use the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes.

Social Media Management: I use Smarter Queue to create and schedule all of my social media across multiple channels and accounts. I love that you can create on-off posts or posts that get re-queued. This allows me to run most of my social media hands-free.

Client Management: One of my favourite tools is Practice Better, which was created by a Holistic Nutritionists to help other health practitioners manage their clients. Through Practice Better you can do booking and invoicing, use fillable forms and waivers, create protocols and recommendations, access client files and records 24/7, take session notes, run TeleHealth video sessions with clients, message your clients, send your clients reminders, create tasks and reminders for yourself and so much more! Plus, Practice Better complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA standards, so you can rest assured that all your data and sensitive information is safe and secure. This is a great tool I use for my 1-on-1 clients.

Bookkeeping/Invoicing: I am currently using Wave because it’s free and very easy to use. I can send my clients invoices through Wave and they can pay them online with their credit card or bank card. I keep track of all my income and expenses in Wave, for easy reporting come tax time. Since 2019 I am also using Wave’s paid bookkeeping service.

Payment Processing: While I use Wave to invoice 1-on-1 clients and freelance projects, I use Stripe as the payment processor when selling my services directly from my website. I also have a PayPal account as some of my affiliate commissions are paid out this way.

Email Marketing: I use Active Campaign for its functionality, control and ability to automate.

Sales Pages: I am using Click Funnels to create simple opt-in pages and sales pages. I can integrate Click Funnels with WordPress and I use Stripe as the payment processor connected to Click Funnels.

Project Management: I use ASANA because it is web and app-based so that I can keep track of work, create projects and manage team members.

Storage: I do everything from DropBox, I don’t even have files saved to my computer anymore. I also use Google Drive for documents I want to share with other people.

  • Melissa Boufounos is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in sports nutrition. She helps competitive athletes simplify their fuelling plans with flexible eating strategies so they can maximize their performance potential without counting calories, tracking macros or giving up their favourite foods.

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