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by | Sep 19, 2017

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The first time I heard about truLOCAL was while I was walking around the CanFitPro World Fitness Expo in Toronto with one of my clients.

Their booth quickly got my attention and I started chatting with Greg Quaile, one of the Founders and the Vice President.

Greg was easy to talk to, very transparent and answered all my questions. You could tell he was very passionate about locally sourced meat and sustainable farming.

What is truLOCAL?

TruLOCAL is a simple monthly meat plan that delivers high-end, locally sourced meat products right to your door, anywhere in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. They also ship nationwide from Ontario to most postal codes in Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, PEI, and New Brunswick! To check to see if they can ship to you, feel free to enter your postal code into the “Order Now“ page!

No Added Hormones and Antibiotic Free. truLOCAL believes in clean. They offer products that have no added hormones and are antibiotic free.

100% Local. All of truLOCAL’s products are sourced locally within the province you purchase your box from.

Refrigerated Coolers.  The boxes come refrigerated, so even if you’re not home at the time of delivery, your meat products will stay frozen until you get back.

Individually Packaged.  All of the products are individually vacuum sealed so that you can grab exactly what you need. Perfect for meal prep or portion control.

Free Run.  truLOCAL supports humane animal treatment.

Home Delivery. Boxes are delivered right to your door, anywhere in Ontario, Alberta, BC and Quebec. You don’t even pay for shipping! Spend less time at the grocery store and more time doing the things you love.

No Freezer Burn. They guarantee no freezer burn with their premium packaging. And it’s legit! This was really important to us. We were always buying meat fresh at the grocery store multiple times per week because we hate frozen meat. But this is a totally different experience.

My Experience with truLOCAL

We’ve been ordering from truLOCAL since August 2017.

I love that I get a FedEx tracking e-mail to know exactly when the box shows up at my door.

We’ve had really bad experiences with grocery store meat in the last few months, which is what made us look for a solution.

We brought home way too many packages of rotten meat, or meat that went bad before its expiry date and we finally said enough is enough.

I discovered truLOCAL at the perfect time, when we were just starting to look around for a butcher. However, even with a butcher, we didn’t like the idea of freezing meat so we still would have had to shop multiple times per week to have fresh meat.

The concept of having the flash frozen meat that was guaranteed to have no freezer burn, and thaw out easily without the usual watery mess and freezer tasting meat, really intrigued me. It was definitely a major selling feature for me.

Now we get our meat shipped right to our door every 3 weeks. Once in a while I will get a different cut of meat, that isn’t offered at truLOCAL yet, from the grocery store. We’ve been able to go to the grocery store a lot less, which also means less impulse buys and cost savings.

One of the biggest surprises for me was how different the meat from truLOCAL smells when it’s raw. It’s really hard to explain. But because of our rancid meat issues, I am always smelling meat before I cook it, and I can say that this meat smells different. It smells real. You can tell that nothing has been added to it.

I’ve noticed the meat doesn’t shrink the way typical grocery store meat does during cooking, which means we have more to eat! Hello, leftovers. And there’s a lot less grease coming out of the meat. Even when I purchased extra lean ground meats from the store, there was always so much grease in the pan that had to be drained. That isn’t the case with truLOCAL meat.

And it tastes a lot better too! We’ve had some of our best meals ever since ordering and we enjoy the peace of mind knowing our meat is 100% local, free run, antibiotic free, sustainable and has no added hormones.

If you’d like to try truLOCAL, I’ve been provided with promo codes to share with you!

Use code TLGIFTMELISSAB at checkout to get: 

  • 6 complimentary chicken breasts with the purchase of a Family Box 

  • 8 complimentary chicken breasts with the purchase of a Mega Box 

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Written by Melissa Boufounos

I’m a certified holistic nutritionist in the Ottawa area. As a longtime athlete, my focus is in performance-based nutrition coaching for young athletes and obstacle course race athletes. My mission is to help the next generation of athletes optimize their nutrition so they can optimize their performance.

Hi, I’m Melissa Boufounos!

I’m a certified holistic nutritionist in the Ottawa area. My mission is to help the next generation of athletes optimize their nutrition so they can optimize their performance.

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