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Overview of our workshops

Our workshops are crafted to fit your team’s unique needs. Covering essential topics such as:

  • Foundational athlete nutrition
  • Optimal fuelling and hydration strategies
  • Injury prevention and recovery techniques
  • Off-season guidance

These workshops and lectures are designed to equip athletes, coaches, and parents with the knowledge to excel.

Past workshop clients:

Unlock a Winning Strategy for Your Team

Benefits for Athletes

Discover the vital link between nutrition, peak performance, and overall health. Gain insights into the practices that drive success on the ice/field while promoting longevity in your sport.

In-person Experience

In-person workshops are available for teams in the Ottawa area. In-person workshops can include printed resources and engaging food demos at an additional cost.

Convenient Timing

Our 75-minute workshops fit seamlessly into your team’s schedule. Evening and weekend slots are available. Act fast, as our availability is limited.

Expertise You Can Trust

Led by a certified holistic nutritionist with a specialization in sports nutrition, our workshops are not just facilitated by a professional – they’re led by a competitive ice hockey player with over 17 years of playing experience.

Specialty workshop Topics

As a media-trained certified holistic nutritionist, I deliver and facilitate dynamic and engaging nutrition workshops and presentations grounded in science-based nutrition. Participants will leave with actionable tips for better performance and health. My specialty topics include but are not limited to the topics shown here. I can also customize a workshop to suit your team’s needs.

Daily Nutrition Foundations for Hockey Players

Understanding the fundamentals of everyday nutrition is crucial for hockey players aiming to excel both on and off the ice. In this workshop, athletes will gain insights into building a solid foundation for their daily nutritional needs. Topics covered include the right balance of macronutrients, micronutrient considerations, and healthy eating habits. By mastering daily nutrition, players can enhance their overall health, energy levels, and performance. 

Fuelling and Hydrating for Hockey

Crafting a game-winning nutrition plan is essential for peak performance on the ice. This workshop dives into fuelling and hydrating strategies tailored specifically for hockey players. Participants will learn when and what to eat before, during, and after practices and games to optimize energy levels, stamina, and recovery. By understanding the nutritional demands of the sport, athletes can elevate their game and maintain a competitive edge.

Injury Prevention & Recovery for Hockey Players

The intersection of nutrition, gut health, sleep, and rest plays a pivotal role in preventing injuries and expediting recovery for hockey players. This workshop explores the comprehensive approach to injury prevention and recovery, emphasizing the impact of nutrition on these processes. Participants will discover how proper dietary choices, gut health maintenance, and adequate rest contribute to overall health and resilience on and off the ice.

Off-Season Nutrition for Teen Hockey Players

The off-season is a critical period for teen hockey players to maintain their health and readiness for the upcoming season. This workshop focuses on off-season nutrition strategies, providing guidance on maintaining fitness, proper recovery, and dietary adjustments during the break. By adopting a targeted off-season nutrition plan, athletes can ensure they return to the ice in peak condition, ready to perform at their best.

Teen Hockey Nutrition for Parents and Coaches

Tailored specifically for parents and coaches, this workshop offers valuable insights into the crucial role nutrition plays in supporting an athlete’s performance, health, growth, and development. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to foster a supportive nutritional environment for teen hockey players. By aligning coaching and parenting strategies with sound nutritional principles, participants can contribute to the holistic development and success of young athletes both on and off the ice.

Melissa led several nutritional workshops for my U15 Ottawa Jr. 67’s AAA hockey team. The information was well organized and presented in a clear manner so that 14/15-year-olds were able to process and implement into their respective routines. As the season progressed, we clearly witnessed players incorporating what they learned into their eating habits. Thanks so much, Melissa, for your time, effort, and patience.

– Jim Cooke, Head Coach, Ottawa Jr 67s AAA U15

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