Team Workshops and Lectures

Elevate your team’s game with our tailored nutrition workshops.

Workshop Overview

Our workshops are crafted to fit your team’s unique needs. Covering essential topics such as:

  • Foundational athlete nutrition
  • Optimal fuelling and hydration strategies
  • Injury prevention and recovery techniques
  • Off-season guidance

These workshops and lectures are designed to equip athletes, coaches, and parents with the knowledge to excel.

 A Game-Winning Strategy

Benefits for Athletes: Discover the vital link between nutrition, peak performance, and overall health. Gain insights into the practices that drive success on the ice/field while promoting longevity in your sport. 

In-Person Experience: In-person workshops are available for teams in the Ottawa area. In-person workshops include printed resources and engaging food demos. 

Convenient Timing: Our 75-minute workshops fit seamlessly into your team’s schedule. Evening and weekend slots are available, but act fast as our availability is limited.

Expertise You Can Trust: Led by a certified holistic nutritionist with a sports specialization, who’s not just a professional but a former competitive ice hockey player with over 15 years of experience. Benefit from insights gained through years of dedicated athletic commitment.


Ready to unleash your team’s full potential?

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Starting at $300 CAD per session.

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Melissa’s Past Workshop Clients

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